Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sorry its been to Long, I will be better and keep everyone posted :)

Sooo... today was an interesting appointment.​ Apparrently it looks like both diagnosis have been wrong. He did not have time to look at the slides but he read through the reports and said he's done over 800 cases and he already know's it can't be right. He said he's just had 2 other cases this week very similiar and very odd. He is going to order the pathology and take a look at it himself and order his own tests to be done. He is also going to present the case to the board of oncologists at his next meeting Tuesday to see what everyone else thinks. We will meet with him again next week to find out what conclusion they have come to. During his exam he believes daniel has lost some of his vision in his r. eye due to the surgery. We will have to have his vision tested as soon as he's old enough.

Well we meet their neurosurgeo​n tomorrow, i think it may be just more of an introductor​y thing just incase we transfer his care and need to re operate, I don't imagine there is anything more that he could tell us at this point.

I will update again tomorrow whether there is anything new to report or not that way everyone knows either way.

Thank you for all your prayers

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