Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What a Miracle !!

Daniel had his check up today and got wonderful news !!!! His brain tumor was misdiagnosed and is now said to have ganglioglioma which is a very low grade and does not always come back. Daniel may not need chemo after all. Thank you everyone for all the prayers, the lord has listned and certainly answerd them during this amazing holiday season. What a wonderful way to start off the new year to know and watch little miracles.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

No News yet :(

Unfortuantely we haven't heard yet what the test results are to see what type of cancer Daniel has. The doctors went home early without calling Brandi, so they should have test results on monday. Maybe this is a tender mercy and Brandi and her family can enjoy this holiday season without the stress of worrying about an action plan and all the things that come with a new diagnosis. So for now we will enjoy our holiday season as much as we can and pray that the test results will be in on monday. Thank you everyone for all of your help this holiday season, thanks to everyone's help and donations Brandi and her family will have a very generous christmas. Thank you for putting a smile on my family's face during these rough times it will never be forgotten. We love you all and wish you a very merry christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Previously Daniel was diagnosed with Anapastic Astrocytoma although the Oncologists weren't confident in there results, as Daniel is doing much better than expected. Therefore the onlcologists took some more tissue samples and sent them to the lab for a second opinion. Those test results will be posted as soon as we get them tomorrow, please continue to pray for good news.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Daniel is Home

After 15 days of sleepless nights (this is a picture of where brandi has been sleeping for 2 weeks poor girl ),hospital food, and a noisy room Brandi and Daniel can finally sleep easy tonite at home in their own beds. Daniel was released from Cardon's Children Hospital tonight and made it home safe and sound to be with the rest of his family. What an amazing christmas gift to have sweet Daniel back at home in his own room and to hear his laughter, and his cry throught the halls. How comforting to know that the Gabriella family will be together this christmas. Thank you so much for everybody that has helped us along the way of this life changing journey. We are so grateful for all of you and all you do we are truly blessed this holiday season.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Going Home Soon

Hoooray!!!!! The Drain tube was taken out today and replaced with a single stitch, the only wires left are those hooked up to monitors. This is so exciting and makes it so much easier for Brandi to hold, and no more worries about pulling that tube out. Daniel also met with the Phsyical Therpaist and she said that she doesn't even need to work with him because he is doing so well. With all this good news going home is on the horizon, he should be home in 3 or 4 days depending on the drain tube. He should be home just in time for christmas, what a wonderful christmas gift I dont think we can ask for anything else this is perfect.
Brandi recently lost her job due to Daniel's situation and is trying to earn some income while she spends her days in the hospital with baby daniel. She recently took up a new hobby, jewlery making, and is trying to sell them if anyone is interested please leave a comment and let us know. The slide show above is some necklaces that she still has in stock if you would like something custom made that shouldn't be a problem just let us know. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers, Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

EEG (electroencephalogram)

EEG- according to an article published by the mayo clinic an EEG is a procedure that uses small flat metal discs that are attached to your scalp to monitor and record electrical impulses in the brain, this is how your brain communicates and are active all the time, even while you sleep. The EEG can determine changes in brain activity which can help diagnosis.

Yesterday Daniel recieved an EEG and they discovered he was having mild mini seizures and was put on an anti-seizure medication to help prevent them from getting worse.Daniel also saw the reflexologist and they said it was amazing how his reflexes are equal on both sides of his body. The tumor was on the left side of his brain which would affect the right side of the body, although this is not happening. Brandi was told that since the left side of the brain is weak and cannot do it alone the right side is overcompensating and helping the left side of the brain to control the right side of the body ( did you follow? it took me a while it got confusing LOL ).

Goal for the week- Daniel still has one tube left in his head, the drain tube. Although their goal for the week is to get the last tube out so he can be totally tube free, other than his picc line. They are now weaning him off of the tube and tomorrow they are clamping it so that they can monitor him for 24hrs and see how his body does on its own with draining or absorbing the excess fluid. If he passes the test they will take out the drain on thursday. This will make it so much easier for Brandi to hold him and for Daniel to move around. When i have visited him in the hospital it was a fear that he would rip the drain tube out of his head and we kept trying to figure out how to prevent that. It would be nice if they could take it out so that we didnt have to worry about him yanking it out on his own.

Jewelry- Brandi picked up a new hobby the same time all this started happening with Daniel which worked out perfect because now she has something to keep her busy while she is in the hospital and hopefully a form of some income. Brandi is selling her jewelry if anyone is intersted, necklaces $30, braclets $18 and cell phone charms $7, she can also custom make with charms or colors if they are still in stock or buy one as is. If you are interested please post a comment so we can get you one. I have posted a sample pic of the one she made me and i love it.

We continue to keep Brandi's family in our prayers and thank everyone of you who are supporting, praying, donating, and helping Daniel out during these trying times.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thank you for the support !!!

I went to the hospital yesterday and saw little Daniel and he was playing with a toy. It was so good to see him take an interest in toys and to feel up to playing. Brandi was saying that he was playing peek-a-boo , clapping and waving, it seems like he is doing well. The response and support for little Daniel and Brandi has been incredible, so incredible they are asking us to set some visiting hours. If you could please wait till 10am to see daniel and try to get there before 3pm that would be great, so the little guy can have some rest and quiet time. While i was at the hopsital Julie and Khera were there, it was so nice to see all them together again. I called Brandi for an update and there is no new news so i guess we can say " No news is good news".

Friday, December 11, 2009

Second Opinion, things look too good :)

Last night i stopped by to see Brandi and Daniel on my way to work and it was so reassuring to see for myself how well he is doing. I haven't been to the hospital in a while but last night put all my worries to ease. Daniel had great coloring in his skin and cheeks, still has his hearty appetite and doesn't appear to be losing weight.This should make it easier to heal and to keep his strength up while he is in the hospital.Things are looking so well that the doctor thinks they diagnosed him with the wrong kind of cancer, they are taking tissue samples from a different area of the tumor for a second opinon. Dr. Elton is saying that the Anapastic Astrocytoma cancer is more aggressive that what Daniel is experiencing. We should have results back in 2 weeks. Baby Daniel and his mommy are in need of holiday cheer if anyone has holiday decorations that they are not using and happen to be in the mesa area and have time could you please help decorate Daniel's hospital room and bring him some holiday cheer.

I want to say thank you to everyone for all of your prayers and fasting and comments the response to Daniel's blog has been opverwhelming and thank you to those who are helping with this blog and donating it is appreciated beyond measure.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Anapastic Astrocytoma (AA)

I called Brandi this morning and after every hello i hold my breath preparing for what news the day might bring. Today i didnt have to hold it for long for it wasnt bad. They will be moving them up to the 7th floor eventually but not today, thats the oncology floor. They are waiting to see if the drain in the head is working properly before they remove it and send him to oncology. As Brandi explained and i understood the drain is a way to allow excess fluids and debris from the surgeries to drain out of his head. They are going to try and clamp it for 24 hours to see if his body can dispose of these things on its own. If he is able to then they will move him to a new room with a new view. That should be nice for Brandi its been 8 days since she has left the hospital, poor girl although i can't say i wouldnt do the same thing. Brandi also found out what type of cancer it is, which is a good thing if they know what it is it may be treated. Anapastic Astrocytoma, i found a link on the internet that can explain it and give more information than i ever could.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A long Road Lies ahead

What we thought was a good and glorious day with new tubes coming out, turned out to be a day that brandi will never forget. I just got off the phone with Brandi and while talking to her i could hear little Daniel in the backround, how sweet it was too hear his whimper and his cry as Brandi finally got to hold him. Daniel may be coming home soon but the journey wont stop there. The tissue sample results of the tumor came back today and it is a very RARE type of CANCER. Daniel will undergo chemo until he is 3 and at that age he will be old enough to undergo radiation. Although the tumor is gone their goal now is to prevent it from growing back or spreading. Our prayers are continuously with Brandi, Daniel and the rest of their family. We also pray for the doctors to find the correct information and help to treat this rare cancer. The doctors are posting his scans and information on the internet looking for help from other oncologists to help. They are pulling every resource they can to give Daniel a solid fighting chance, as we pray for Daniel please pray for the doctors to find the knowledge they need to help our little angel.

The Tubes are out!!!

Wahoo!!!! We just got word the little Daniel got his feeding tube and breathing tube taken out. Brandi is another step closer to holding her little boy!!! Daniel is making great improvements he is such a little fighter. It is such a relief to know that he is able to breathe on his own now, we just pray that things continue to go well.

Brandi is making jewlery and would like to sell it while she is out of work. She can custom make things for your like our buy something that she has already made. She can make necklaces , bracelets and cell phone charms. If anyone is interested please leave us a comment on the blog and we can get you detailed information.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sweet Baby Daniel

Sweet Baby Daniel Tillman Gabriella was Born March 13th 2009 and is only 9 months old. Daniel is such a wonderful and tender spirit that we are so lucky to have in our lives, during these trying times he has taught us so much about life without even saying aword. Its a true testament that actions speak louder than words.His tender spirit has shown us what is means to truelly unite as a family and come together during trial, struggles, and illness. Daniel was always a little or a lot larger than is average for his age, however we just thought he had a hearty appetite little did we know that there was a medical reason. During one of his well child check ups the doctor was worried that his head was just a little larger than it should be,so on that hunch the doctor sent him to get a ct scan. On December 3rd 2009 Daniel went in to get his CT scan and to our surprise it did not come back normal. The doctor found a 10X6 cm tumor on the left side of his brain, it was said that it took up most of the left side of his head. The following day he was scheduled to have surgery that would take most of the day. Thanks to an amazing and persistent surgeon, family and friends pulling together the tumor was 100% removed. Although the battle didn't stop there, shortly after they found fluid building up and went in and removed 120cc's of fluid, shortly after that they found a blood clot that was blocking the flow of spinal fluid and it was being trapped in the brain. Today on December 8th they went in and had a successful surgery after many prayers and family members fasting. As of now the worst of the battle seems to be over, with no more surgeries scheduled or a reason to have one,now the healing process may begin.

Brandi ( Daniel's mom) started a new job that would have opened many oppoutunites for her and her 2 other little girls, although the day she started her job was they day she found out about baby daniel's tumor. Brandi hasn't left the hospital in a week and family is helping her take care of her 2 other children. With the holiday season approaching and money being tight without income Christmas for her children will not be the same. During these hard times I will be setting up an account for Brandi and her family so that we may come together and help support her during this holiday season. Although the surgeries are over for now, the recovery of daniel's health can be just as hard. Please remember what the holiday season is truely about and help a family have a brighter day during such dark times.