Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thank you for the support !!!

I went to the hospital yesterday and saw little Daniel and he was playing with a toy. It was so good to see him take an interest in toys and to feel up to playing. Brandi was saying that he was playing peek-a-boo , clapping and waving, it seems like he is doing well. The response and support for little Daniel and Brandi has been incredible, so incredible they are asking us to set some visiting hours. If you could please wait till 10am to see daniel and try to get there before 3pm that would be great, so the little guy can have some rest and quiet time. While i was at the hopsital Julie and Khera were there, it was so nice to see all them together again. I called Brandi for an update and there is no new news so i guess we can say " No news is good news".

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