Thursday, December 10, 2009

Anapastic Astrocytoma (AA)

I called Brandi this morning and after every hello i hold my breath preparing for what news the day might bring. Today i didnt have to hold it for long for it wasnt bad. They will be moving them up to the 7th floor eventually but not today, thats the oncology floor. They are waiting to see if the drain in the head is working properly before they remove it and send him to oncology. As Brandi explained and i understood the drain is a way to allow excess fluids and debris from the surgeries to drain out of his head. They are going to try and clamp it for 24 hours to see if his body can dispose of these things on its own. If he is able to then they will move him to a new room with a new view. That should be nice for Brandi its been 8 days since she has left the hospital, poor girl although i can't say i wouldnt do the same thing. Brandi also found out what type of cancer it is, which is a good thing if they know what it is it may be treated. Anapastic Astrocytoma, i found a link on the internet that can explain it and give more information than i ever could.


  1. What is an anaplastic astrocytoma?

    Malignant or anaplastic astrocytoma is an infiltrating, primary brain tumor, with tentacles that may invade surrounding tissue. This provides a butterfly-like distribution pattern through the white matter of the cerebral hemispheres. The tumor may invade a membrane covering the brain (the dura), or spread via the spinal fluid through the ventricles of the brain. Spread of the tumor (metastasis) outside the brain and spinal cord is rare.

    ***When I worked at St. Josephs Hospital/Barrows Neurological Center in the MRI department, we felt like everyone must have a brain tumor because there would be someone who was diagnosed all of the time, people flew here from other states or countries. But, I have to tell you that as soon as I heard the news about little baby Daniel I was simply overwhelmed. I have seen little babies who cling to life and had all of those tubes Tai described but now it was different.
    We sat at a big round table across from Brandi and Daniel on Thanksgiving and I remember looking into those pretty blue eyes and feeling his sweet little spirit. No kidding. This little child was sent here on earth just a few short months ago, so new, so precious, so close to our brother Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. We were all blessed that he came into our family at this time.
    I have to admit that I am relatively new to the family and I have not had the chance to really get to know Brandi and have never held Daniel...but I felt his spirit. It is a strong "lionhearted" spirit and he is on his mission, right now, in this life at this time...for us family, for us.
    I have told all of the folks that I work with about baby Daniel and the emotional nerve he touches is strong. There are prayers and fasting being said on his and Brandi's behalf by all of them and their names have been put on prayer rolls in numerous churches, Catholics, Baptists and so there are alot of people praying for them, and I am sure that they feel those prayers. I had a patient today that I scanned, she herself has brain cancer and has four children but when I told her about Daniel she prayed through her scan for him and his mom.
    Brandi, Daniel and Kira and Julie we love you and there is a Santa Clause just as sure as there is a God. Family and friends and people who just want to help will come together and you will feel their love in many forms. You will learn how to accept service, who knows perhaps this is happening so one of us can give needed comfort to someone we come in contact with and are able to share the gospel. Any way you look at it baby Daniel is going to be just fine. He is strong and special and loved much by all.

  2. We are continuing to pray for baby Daniel. We love your family so much and wish you the very best!

  3. thank you kathee for your expert explaination, i appreciate it. kaci and krista thank you for the prayers they are working!!!!

  4. So glad you set up this blog. Being so far away I am not always caught up on everything but this really helps me to know what is going on. We pray for Daniel, Brandi and the rest of the family daily and want you all to know we love you and will continue praying on fasting on this journey with you!