Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A long Road Lies ahead

What we thought was a good and glorious day with new tubes coming out, turned out to be a day that brandi will never forget. I just got off the phone with Brandi and while talking to her i could hear little Daniel in the backround, how sweet it was too hear his whimper and his cry as Brandi finally got to hold him. Daniel may be coming home soon but the journey wont stop there. The tissue sample results of the tumor came back today and it is a very RARE type of CANCER. Daniel will undergo chemo until he is 3 and at that age he will be old enough to undergo radiation. Although the tumor is gone their goal now is to prevent it from growing back or spreading. Our prayers are continuously with Brandi, Daniel and the rest of their family. We also pray for the doctors to find the correct information and help to treat this rare cancer. The doctors are posting his scans and information on the internet looking for help from other oncologists to help. They are pulling every resource they can to give Daniel a solid fighting chance, as we pray for Daniel please pray for the doctors to find the knowledge they need to help our little angel.


  1. wow...I am so sorry to hear that...thanks for the updates...this blog is a good idea...i will link it up to mine...
    my continued thoughts and prayers are with you all!!!

  2. Thanks for the updates! We will continue to pray for them!!

  3. Thank you Lauren and Krissa for you prayers, we love you !!