Friday, December 11, 2009

Second Opinion, things look too good :)

Last night i stopped by to see Brandi and Daniel on my way to work and it was so reassuring to see for myself how well he is doing. I haven't been to the hospital in a while but last night put all my worries to ease. Daniel had great coloring in his skin and cheeks, still has his hearty appetite and doesn't appear to be losing weight.This should make it easier to heal and to keep his strength up while he is in the hospital.Things are looking so well that the doctor thinks they diagnosed him with the wrong kind of cancer, they are taking tissue samples from a different area of the tumor for a second opinon. Dr. Elton is saying that the Anapastic Astrocytoma cancer is more aggressive that what Daniel is experiencing. We should have results back in 2 weeks. Baby Daniel and his mommy are in need of holiday cheer if anyone has holiday decorations that they are not using and happen to be in the mesa area and have time could you please help decorate Daniel's hospital room and bring him some holiday cheer.

I want to say thank you to everyone for all of your prayers and fasting and comments the response to Daniel's blog has been opverwhelming and thank you to those who are helping with this blog and donating it is appreciated beyond measure.

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