Tuesday, December 15, 2009

EEG (electroencephalogram)

EEG- according to an article published by the mayo clinic an EEG is a procedure that uses small flat metal discs that are attached to your scalp to monitor and record electrical impulses in the brain, this is how your brain communicates and are active all the time, even while you sleep. The EEG can determine changes in brain activity which can help diagnosis.

Yesterday Daniel recieved an EEG and they discovered he was having mild mini seizures and was put on an anti-seizure medication to help prevent them from getting worse.Daniel also saw the reflexologist and they said it was amazing how his reflexes are equal on both sides of his body. The tumor was on the left side of his brain which would affect the right side of the body, although this is not happening. Brandi was told that since the left side of the brain is weak and cannot do it alone the right side is overcompensating and helping the left side of the brain to control the right side of the body ( did you follow? it took me a while it got confusing LOL ).

Goal for the week- Daniel still has one tube left in his head, the drain tube. Although their goal for the week is to get the last tube out so he can be totally tube free, other than his picc line. They are now weaning him off of the tube and tomorrow they are clamping it so that they can monitor him for 24hrs and see how his body does on its own with draining or absorbing the excess fluid. If he passes the test they will take out the drain on thursday. This will make it so much easier for Brandi to hold him and for Daniel to move around. When i have visited him in the hospital it was a fear that he would rip the drain tube out of his head and we kept trying to figure out how to prevent that. It would be nice if they could take it out so that we didnt have to worry about him yanking it out on his own.

Jewelry- Brandi picked up a new hobby the same time all this started happening with Daniel which worked out perfect because now she has something to keep her busy while she is in the hospital and hopefully a form of some income. Brandi is selling her jewelry if anyone is intersted, necklaces $30, braclets $18 and cell phone charms $7, she can also custom make with charms or colors if they are still in stock or buy one as is. If you are interested please post a comment so we can get you one. I have posted a sample pic of the one she made me and i love it.

We continue to keep Brandi's family in our prayers and thank everyone of you who are supporting, praying, donating, and helping Daniel out during these trying times.


  1. Hi, I have to apologize when i ws talking to Tai I got mixed up on my days lol. We will be clamping the tube tomorrow (wednesday) and the goal is to take out the EVD (drain) on Thursday if all goes well. :)

  2. no worries brandi i went back and changed it for you