Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sweet Baby Daniel

Sweet Baby Daniel Tillman Gabriella was Born March 13th 2009 and is only 9 months old. Daniel is such a wonderful and tender spirit that we are so lucky to have in our lives, during these trying times he has taught us so much about life without even saying aword. Its a true testament that actions speak louder than words.His tender spirit has shown us what is means to truelly unite as a family and come together during trial, struggles, and illness. Daniel was always a little or a lot larger than is average for his age, however we just thought he had a hearty appetite little did we know that there was a medical reason. During one of his well child check ups the doctor was worried that his head was just a little larger than it should be,so on that hunch the doctor sent him to get a ct scan. On December 3rd 2009 Daniel went in to get his CT scan and to our surprise it did not come back normal. The doctor found a 10X6 cm tumor on the left side of his brain, it was said that it took up most of the left side of his head. The following day he was scheduled to have surgery that would take most of the day. Thanks to an amazing and persistent surgeon, family and friends pulling together the tumor was 100% removed. Although the battle didn't stop there, shortly after they found fluid building up and went in and removed 120cc's of fluid, shortly after that they found a blood clot that was blocking the flow of spinal fluid and it was being trapped in the brain. Today on December 8th they went in and had a successful surgery after many prayers and family members fasting. As of now the worst of the battle seems to be over, with no more surgeries scheduled or a reason to have one,now the healing process may begin.

Brandi ( Daniel's mom) started a new job that would have opened many oppoutunites for her and her 2 other little girls, although the day she started her job was they day she found out about baby daniel's tumor. Brandi hasn't left the hospital in a week and family is helping her take care of her 2 other children. With the holiday season approaching and money being tight without income Christmas for her children will not be the same. During these hard times I will be setting up an account for Brandi and her family so that we may come together and help support her during this holiday season. Although the surgeries are over for now, the recovery of daniel's health can be just as hard. Please remember what the holiday season is truely about and help a family have a brighter day during such dark times.

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